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Find players

Can your friends never play? Or are you and your teammate looking for new opponents? With our feature Discover, it have never been easier to find new teammates or opponents at your own level!

No hassle, just game

Type how many players you’re looking for and Scorey will help you find the perfect match. Less planning, more padel!

Create your own tournaments

Having trouble creating a tournament or league for you and your friends? With Scorey, it has never been easier! Simply choose how you want to play and the rest will be automated for you. Fast, simple and powerful.

No more complexity

Uncertain of how manu players will join your Thursday game? Maybe you want some help with how many courts to book? Our engine will help you get the most of your game.

Track your score

Tired of keeping track of those pens and papers, or even an overly complex Excel? With Scorey, simply register your results and it will keep track throughout the game. We even provide some awesome statistics!

Follow up your game

Sometimes, you need some help evolving your game. Sometimes you just want to out your friends with some numbers on how much greater you are. No matter the reason, Scorey got your back!

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