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Invite your friends

Easily invite who you want & how many you want in your competition. Participantscan create their own Scorey profiles for the best competition experience at any time!

Let Scorey do the work!

You don’t have to do much. [Scorey] solves all thinking from the group stage to thegrand finale.

Automatic game schedule

Scorey generates a game schedule - you control the number of groups, plays andtype of points count based on how much time and energy you have!

Easy match registration

The organizer can register all matches, or the participants can register their results by themselves

Group stage & playoffs

Group stage and playoffs, or maybe just a group stage? It’s entirely up to you. Butwho says no to an exciting final?!

Talk statistics

We think it’s OK to brag a little! See entertaining and useful statistics such as ‘the bigwin’ or ‘your best set’ at the end of the competition!

More about Americano

With Scorey, you can set how many points you want to play with, and when the rightnumber of players have joined, you can publish the tournament. Scorey creates yourmatches, makes sure you face the right players and guides you through yourAmericano tournament!

Padel Americano is a game type where you play with different teammates every newmatch. All players should have played with everyone and you should have met alllineups of opposing pairs when the tournament is over. Scorey generates the gameschedule automatically no matter how many people play, as long as the number isdivisible by four so that everyone can face everyone.

In Padel Americano, the goal is to collect points, where each ball won generates onepoint. The match is played against a fixed number of points per match, where eachindividual player brings with them the point won per match.

The total number of points is played until the fixed number is reached. For example,you can set up an American that’s played to 18 points, where a match can result in10-8, 9-9 or even 0-18. The result can be all combinations that together correspondto 18 points. If you win with 10-8, your individual score would then be +2.

Padel Americano can be played both as an individual group or with groups leading toa playoff. In the group game, the person who has collected the most points in total intheir matches wins. If you play with playoffs, it’s the two players who have collectedthe most points from the group stage that qualify for the playoffs. The teams arethen mixed again and meet in the same way as before in a ‘final tree’.

Less planning, more padel!

The app!

Scorey is available for download where you find other apps. It’s super easy to getstarted and is totally free!

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